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Bullying is out of control...
Educate and equip your K-6th grade students 
in a fun and memorable way 

Note: We know that your time is valuable (and scarce)
This page has been designed to tell you everything
you need to know quick and easily. 

Who is this for?

K-6th grade students primarily in the Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Waco and Austin, Texas areas.
Big Bad Bullies™ programs travel to anywhere in the United States.

What you'll get:

TWO 40 minute Big Bad Bullies™ assemblies, back-to-back, consisting of a HIGH QUALITY and fun-filled magic and variety show that engages and entertains. The first assembly is for your K-3 students, the second assembly is for your 4th-6th students.

Our skilled Edutainer will entertain and engage your students who will learn...

  1. Fabulous Friends: Learn how to find and choose a fantastic friend. Bullying is reduced when kids find the right friends and support group. 
  2. The Magic Word: "NoGoTellYell". Just say no, then go. Tell an adult. If all else fails you can always yell for help.
  3. Be a Witness: Students learn to be a convincing witnesses when telling an adult whenever they see or know of someone who is being bullied.
BONUS: Your school will receive a PDF printable file Big Bad Bullies™ teacher kit with a poster for their classroom that reminds students of what they've learned PLUS a teacher-directed questions that can be used in the classroom for followup. 

What your school is to supply:
Big Bad Bullies™ Assembly programs are designed for your K-3rd and 4th-6th grade classes in two assemblies (each designed to be age appropriate). Our performer/educator will arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up the show. Your school is asked to provide:
  1. Cafetorium, auditorium or gymnasium for the assembly.
  2. Your school's sound system (stand-alone system is best) with a single microphone on a pole-type mic stand with lots of cord. (One can be supplied if necessary.)
  3. Your students and their teachers who are looking forward to a great program!


Fees include TWO back-to-back Big Bad Bullies™ assemblies in the same school. 
Choose either TWO morning assemblies or TWO afternoon assemblies (K-3rd then 4th-6th) 

  • Dallas area schools (Dallas County)$xxx
  • Fort Worth area schools (Tarrant County)$XXX 
  • Waco area schools: $XXX
  • Austin are schools (Travis County):$XXX
  • Schools outside of the listed areas: Please email us for a quote
Your staff and your students will be completely entertained with our Big Bad Bullies™ programs while learning all that we promised or you don't pay a dime. Period. We have performed hundreds of programs and are 100% confident that you will love what we do, how we do it, and how completely enthralled your students will be. 

To schedule your
 Big Bad Bullies™ program
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